What to Do If You Cracked Your iPhone

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A cracked iPhone is an easy way to ruin anyone’s day. However, we’re here to help and make the road to getting your phone screen fixed a smooth and convenient one.

First off, don’t panic. The best first step is to contact the company whom you purchased the phone from to see if their insurance plan covers cracked screens. If they do, great! The worst-case scenario here would be that you may have to go a few days without a phone while they fix it, but if you have an old phone handy, you can use that in the meantime.

Another option that may be more convenient for you would be to find a local repair shop such as ours to take your cracked phone to where an experienced technician can fix the screen in just hours instead of days.

If you cannot afford either of the previously mentioned options, there is always the option to sell your phone in the current state that it’s in to be able to fund buying a whole new phone.

  • Whichever option you decide to go with, be sure to back up all the data on your phone to be sure you won’t lose any important information during the repair or replacement process
  • From the time you crack your phone screen until the time you actually repair or replace it, it is a good idea to put a screen protector on so that you don’t cut your fingers
  • If you decide you would rather try fixing your phone yourself, you can buy a phone repair kit and follow online tutorials to get the job done without having to hire anyone to do it for you or get the phone replaced altogether (which may not be in your budget)

If you decide you’ll need the experts to repair your cracked iPhone screen, please contact us for a free quote!